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By Sheikh Sadooq - XKP

The Shia of Ali stands out as the precise winners- those 3 books -namely, al-Mawaaizh, Sifat ush-Shia, and Fadhaa'il ush-Shia- which are by the hands of the precious reader are certainly useful ethical gem stones provided to the adherents of the Prophet's family. they're the works of the grasp Sheikh as-Saduq, Allah have mercy upon him, who compiled them in several times.

The translator has depended, in his paintings, at the replica that's released by means of Al-Maarif Al-Islamiyya starting place - Qum, and revised through Mr. Mahmoud Al-Badri who exerted amazing efforts for advancing those necessary compilations in this kind of noteworthy form.

In addition to the unique texts of the books, lots of the info, notes, and reviews that the reviser has further are translated for the aim of increasing the scope of knowledge and making the contents extra comprehensible and extra available to all. additionally, a quick biography of the compiler Sheikh as-Saduq is further in order to introduce this specific character to the readers.

This paintings is actually 3 books whose themes are attached to one another. one among them, specifically Sifat ush-Shia, focuses the lighting fixtures at the characteristics that the Shia must have inside of their moralities. with no such traits, the Shia shouldn't have gained such plentiful benefits to which the second one e-book, specifically Fadhaa'il ush-Shia, refers. The 3rd publication, particularly al-Mawaaizh, compiles the maxims and phrases of knowledge which are acknowledged by means of the Prophet and the Imams, peace be upon all of them, on quite a few events. it will be significant for the Shiite, sooner than others, to use such maxims to himself, simply because they really are nice masterpieces and ethical principals.




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