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By Janet Bord, Colin Bord

Britain is a land choked with attention-grabbing historic websites and noteworthy actual gains. The panorama itself, with its many idiosyncrasies and unusual characteristics, serves as a key to the previous - the stone circles, prehistoric household dwellings, tombs and temples, rock carvings, earthworks, holy wells and Roman continues to be, all include clues of civilisations long gone and trace at how our ancestors used to stay. during this lavishly-illustrated and extremely readable consultant, authors Janet and Colin Bord discover the origins of such positive aspects and examine the traditional websites linked to folklore and legend.

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Devil's Bridge

There are quite 3 bridges the following above one another, crossing
the River Mynach the place it runs via a deep gorge. The
lowest of the 3 used to be outfitted by means of the satan, in response to legend .
He observed that an outdated woman's cow was once stranded at the mistaken side
of the gorge and stated he may construct her a bridge if he could
become the landlord of the 1st residing creature to exploit it. She
agreed, but if the bridge was once accomplished she threw a section of
bread over , which used to be chased via her puppy, and the satan was
outwitted. In one other model of this tale...

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