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By Natasha M. Ezrow

Dictators and Dictatorships is a qualitative enquiry into the politics of authoritarian regimes. It argues that political results in dictatorships are mostly a fabricated from leader-elite kinfolk. adjustments within the inner constitution of dictatorships have an effect on the dynamics of this dating. This e-book indicates how dictatorships fluctuate from each other and the consequences of those adjustments for political results. particularly, it examines political approaches in personalist, army, single-party, monarchic, and hybrid regimes. the purpose of the ebook is to supply a transparent definition of what dictatorship capacity, how authoritarian politics works, and what the political results of dictatorship are. It discusses how authoritarianism affects a variety of political results, equivalent to fiscal functionality, overseas clash, and chief and regime longevity. various case experiences from world wide help the speculation and examine offered to foster a greater figuring out of the internal workings of authoritarian regimes. by means of combining concept with concrete political events, the publication will attract undergraduate scholars in comparative politics, diplomacy, authoritarian politics, and democratization.

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