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By Scott E. Page

This publication presents an advent to the function of variety in complicated adaptive structures. a posh system--such as an financial system or a tropical ecosystem--consists of interacting adaptive entities that produce dynamic styles and constructions. variety performs a distinct position in a fancy method than it does in an equilibrium method, the place it frequently purely produces version round the suggest for functionality measures. In complicated adaptive platforms, range makes basic contributions to procedure performance.

Scott web page provides a concise primer on how range occurs, the way it is maintained, and the way it impacts complicated structures. He explains how range underpins method point robustness, taking into account a number of responses to exterior shocks and inner diversifications; the way it presents the seeds for giant occasions by way of growing outliers that gas tipping issues; and the way it drives novelty and innovation. web page seems to be on the other forms of diversity--variations inside of and throughout kinds, and particular group compositions and interplay structures--and covers the evolution of variety inside of complicated platforms and the criteria that be sure the quantity of maintained range inside of a system.

  • Provides a concise and obtainable creation
  • Shows how variety underpins robustness and fuels tipping issues
  • Covers every kind of range
  • The crucial primer on range in complicated adaptive systems

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