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By Christina Stiles

In liberating Nethus, characters of degrees 11-15 discover the machinations of Midgard’s God online game via turning into lively contributors in its play.

Pawns. that's what we're. Pawns in a divine chess online game. The gods play video games of strength and deception of their heavenly nation-states, relocating mortals at their whim. They ship us to struggle, and infrequently to our deaths. They toss us apart once we not end up important. the 1st gods have been made; they have been as soon as mortals who have been remodeled through wellsprings of energy. what's made, after all, will be unmade. Even these born to divinity can definitely die and someone able to find such wellsprings can subscribe to the gods’ ranks. whereas those wellsprings may be locations of energy, they could even be the gods themselves—defeating even a lesser god releases “sparks” of divinity. One needs to in simple terms safe those “sparks” prior to others achieve them.
—The nymph Thetis, in the course of her imprisonment on Cystoseira within the Western Ocean

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Sick Met via Moonlight* (2/day) (Su) Tiago radiates the maddening air of mystery of the nighttime orb. As a regular motion, he can inflict 1d6+1 issues of knowledge and aura harm on a unmarried creature inside of 30ft. who can see him. A will keep halves the power harm. A creature lowered to zero knowledge or aura is going insane and acts as though suffering from the madness and rage spells. Mantle of Moonlight (2/day) (Su) Tiago may perhaps disrupt a lycanthrope’s connection to the moon with a winning contact assault. This motion immediately forces the lycanthrope into its humanoid shape, which it needs to preserve for 14 rounds. He may also use this skill to strength others right into a rage, as in step with the spell. utilizing this skill is a melee contact assault. Moonlight Bridge* (3/day) (Su) Tiago summons a bridge of shimmering moonlight. The 10-ft. -wide span touches the floor at some extent adjoining to his place. From this aspect it will possibly expand in any path for as much as a hundred and forty toes. the trail persists till he has crossed over the bridge or for twenty-four hours, whichever is shorter. If the bridge is attacked, deal with it as a wall of strength. word, this isn't kind of like the extra robust precise ritual Tiago is aware to create a bridge to the moon. Prehensile Tail (Ex) Tiago has a protracted, versatile tail that he can use to hold gadgets. He can't wield guns along with his tail, however the tail does permit him to retrieve small stowed gadgets carried on his individual as a rapid motion. Somnolent gentle* (3/day) (Su) Tiago’s connection to the evening permits him to strength different creatures right into a magical shut eye. He can forged sleep on as much as 14 HD of creatures. A 27 27 MIDGARD stories creature that saves remains to be careworn for 1 around. international among Worlds* (Su) Tiago can in attaining a nation that exists among worlds, while the limitations keeping apart realities grows skinny, as represented by way of the recent moon. As a typical motion, he can develop into not easy to work out as in line with blur. He can stay during this nation for as much as 14 mins an afternoon. This period doesn't have to be consecutive, however it needs to be in 1-minute increments. He can decide to make the influence count number as either blink and blur. whereas affected, any weapon he wields is handled as a ghost contact weapon. *see Moon secret from Divine prefer: the Oracle (page 7). **see New Curses from Divine want: the Oracle (page 3). complex Lunar Eel Sliver CR 7 This lengthy, silvery creature resembles a really huge moray eel, its eyes sparkling with a white gentle. N Medium outsider (extraplanar) XP 3,200 Init +6; Senses darkvision 60 toes. ; notion +14 safeguard AC 25, contact 18, flat-footed 25 (+6 deflection, +2 Dexterity, +7 average) hp seventy six (8d10+32) citadel +6, Ref +8, Will +9 Immune fireplace OFFENSE velocity 20 feet. , fly 60 toes. (perfect) Melee chew +14/+9 (1d8+6 plus optimistic strength) or Tail slap +14/+9 (2d6+6 plus confident energy), or contact assault +10/+5 (positive power) exact assaults animate gadgets, optimistic power data Str 22, Dex 14, Con 18, Int 12, Wis sixteen, Cha 18 Base Atk +8; CMB +12; CMD 22 (can’t be tripped) Feats Flyby assault, better Initiative, Multiattack*, ability concentration (Fly) abilities Bluff +15, break out Artist +13, Fly +16, wisdom (planes) +12, conception +14, experience rationale +14, Stealth +13 Languages Ignan (cannot converse) unique features flight unique skills Animate items (Su) A lunar eel sliver may possibly animate a random item inside 20 toes, as soon as in keeping with around.

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