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By Brian Clegg

""This immensely likeable paintings of dad technological know-how lines 'man's enduring fascination with gentle, ' from Aristotle's plans for a loss of life ray (burning enemy ships with a tremendous array of mirrors) to a up to date scan that turns out to have despatched Mozart's fortieth Symphony quicker than gentle, and hence again via time. Clegg is superb at explaining the unusual homes of light.""
-The Guardian
""A interesting publication on a desirable topic. It brings jointly all facets of sunshine in an strange and compelling manner.""
-Sir Patrick Moore
""Light's houses frequently look mysterious to the purpose of being unfathomable. but during this impressive e-book, Brian Clegg manages to provide an explanation for them in the course of the lives of these so fixated with gentle that they have got formed our notion of it. . . . Clegg's obtainable writing kind manages to encapsulate the lives of light's disciples with funny and fascinating anecdotes . . . relatively awesome!""
-New Scientist

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The final word velocity A beam of sunshine travels at round 300,000 kilometres each one moment within the vacuum of house. A hummingbird's wings flap 4,200 occasions a minute, close to invisible to the human eye. but within the length of a unmarried flap of these wings, a beam of sunshine may have crossed the Atlantic Ocean. On 20 July 1969, Apollo eleven landed at the moon after a trip of 4 days. If it had, in its place, trigger for the closest megastar, Alpha Centauri, which gentle takes 4 years to arrive, the Apollo tablet may nonetheless be traveling after 1000000 years. In glass, mild strikes a bit slower, however it could nonetheless require a window 5,000,000,000,000 kilometres thick to carry a year's worthy of sunshine. If sluggish glass is to be made, there needs to be the way to practice the brakes, to gradual gentle down via an element of 1000000000 billion or extra. not going notwithstanding this sounds, within the ultimate decade of the final century a substance used to be created which may just do that. EINSTEIN'S unusual subject The substance with the superb impression is a wierd type of topic referred to as a 'Bose-Einstein condensate' (physicists must be having a very hi there to come back up with a handy guide a rough identify like `photon' or `quark'). we're used to topic coming in 3 varieties - sturdy, liquid and gasoline. because the Nineteen Twenties it's been identified that there's a fourth type of subject, generated within the raging nuclear furnace of the solar - plasma. this can be the subsequent degree past a fuel, the place the simply got rid of electrons were damaged off the atoms and the result's a soup of ions - atoms with a few electrons lacking - and the electrons themselves. The 4 states of topic - good, liquid, gasoline and plasma - have a startling parallel in a conception constructed over 2,000 years in the past. The Greek thinker Empedocles suggestion that every little thing was once made from 4 parts - earth, water, air and fireplace - each one such as one of many sleek states. the various ancients notion there can be a 5th kingdom, the substance of the heavenly physique, the quintessence. This handily corresponds with a hypothetical 5th nation of subject that Einstein dreamed up. within the Twenties, a tender Indian physicist referred to as Satyendra Bose wrote to the world-famous scientist describing his paintings. Einstein might have acquired many letters from clinical hopefuls, yet this one stuck his awareness. Bose had chanced on a wholly new solution to describe mild. because of Einstein's paintings, mild had started to be considered photons - tiny insubstantial debris that shot via area like bullets from a gun. Bose experimented with describing mild mathematically, as though those photons have been a set of debris that was once already good understood - a gasoline. Einstein helped Bose company up the math, yet used to be additionally encouraged to visualize a 5th country of topic. He believed that making use of severe chilly or strain to a fabric could reason it will definitely to arrive a country the place it should now not be a regular substance; in its place it will percentage a few of the features of sunshine itself. this sort of country of subject is a Bose-Einstein condensate, the fabric that may give you the key to generating gradual glass.

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