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By Brian Jacques

Now an lively sequence on public television!

In which the potent badger warrior Lord Brocktreewith the aid of the lively younger haremaid Dottimust reclaim the mountain land of Salamandastron from the military of a villainous wildcat…

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Shift yore paws there! ’ Bang! Thud! ‘Ahoy in there, git this garbage out the lock’ole, or it’ll be worse for youse once we open this door! ’ The banging of a spear butt opposed to the heavy door timbers persisted. Stiffener watched one other hare disappear over the sill into the evening, clinging tight to the rope. whilst he judged the hare was once a long way sufficient down he quietly referred to as for the subsequent one. a noisy groan of frustration sounded from outdoor. ‘Now lookit wot yer performed, fool, you’ve long past an’ broke the foremost off within the lock, yew mindless rat! ’ ‘Well ’ow used to be I t’know it’d snap, rusty ole key? by no means brain, Rip, we relatives batter the door down, eh? ’ there have been purely 3 hares left within the cellphone now. Stiffener guided the following one directly to the rope. an issue among the 2 searats used to be in complete stream. ‘Batter the door down? ‘Ave yew received dust fer brains? Wot ’appens while the door falls off its ’inges, eh? I’ll inform yer wot, there’ll be people wid a spear apiece facin’ 3 rating o’ beasts, ye slimebrained toad! ’ There a scuffling sound and the clacking of spear staves because the pair became on each other. Stiffener winked at Torleep. ‘We did it, mate. Come on, out ye move! ’ ‘Wot, oh, er, when you, outdated chap. ’ ‘Get a grip o’ that rope, Torleep, no time now for bowin’ an’ scrapin’. Out! ’ The boxing hare watched the taut rope anxiously, expecting Torleep to get a ways adequate down it to allow him take his depart of the hated felony mobile. within the passage open air the altercation among the 2 searats persisted. ‘Owow! Yew bit me tail. Savage! ’ ‘Well, you shouldn’ta known as me a slimebrained toad. Fancy callin’ yore personal brother a reputation like that. glance wot you’ve performed to me cranium! break up it, see, that’s blood that's! ’ Stiffener vaulted directly to the sill, took an organization grip of the taut line and commenced his descent, with the quarrel nonetheless happening. ‘Split yer cranium? That’s just a scratch – there ain’t no blood in any respect, only a liddle bump! Doomeye, come again, the place are yer off to? ’ Doomeye scuttled off down the passage. He grew to become on the stairhead and fixed his tongue out. ‘Snagglefang! ’ Stung via the connection with his unmarried the teeth, Ripfang brandished his spear and chased after his brother. ‘Right, that’s performed it. there has been no name fer that. I’ll crack yore cranium good’n’proper whilst i am getting yer! ’ keen paws guided Stiffener to the floor, then Brogalaw used to be hugging him fiercely. ‘Good to work out your ole face back, mate! ’ The boxing hare seemed approximately at his buddies. ‘Thanks for yore aid, Brog. I saved my promise to Lord Stonepaw. There ain’t a hare left on Salamandastron. ’ ‘Oh, ’tis so unhappy. Our house is nought yet a vermin den now! ’ Woebee wept into her apron. Stiffener positioned a paw approximately her shaking shoulders. ‘There there, don’t tackle so, marm, we’ll be again, I promise you. Sorry I ’ad to knock you out like that. ‘Ope it didn’t ’urt an excessive amount of, marm? ’ The previous harewife dried her eyes and sniffed. ‘You did definitely the right factor, sah. i used to be bein’ very foolish, carryin’ on like that. If I’d had sufficient experience I’d have hit me for such shockin’ behaviour!

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