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Make feel of the complicated global of healthiness care with Mosby's Dictionary of medication, Nursing & well-being Professions, 10th Edition! This one-stop reference comprises unique entries that assist you converse extra successfully with colleagues in numerous disciplines. With over 56,000 definitions, 2,450 images and line drawings, and helping reference appendixes and atlases, it truly is an imperative reference for college students and pros alike.

  • Over 56,000 entries
  • offer particular definitions, in addition to the newest info on pathophysiology, therapy and interventions, and nursing care.

  • More than 2,450 colour images and line drawings demonstrate and clarify complicated stipulations and summary concepts.
  • Strict, common sense alphabetical association makes it effortless to discover key phrases and definitions.
  • Detailed appendixes provide you with invaluable info on lab values, symbols and abbreviations, pharmacology, an infection keep watch over criteria, and extra that may be used all through your future health career.
  • NEW! nearly 5,000 new and revised definitions
  • replicate the newest advancements in healthiness care, medications, and nursing terminology.

  • NEW! Completely up-to-date illustrations visually make clear key definitions to mirror present healthcare perform and equipment.

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