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By John Cottingham

The query 'What is the that means of life?' is likely one of the so much interesting, oldest and such a lot tricky questions people have ever posed themselves. In an more and more secularized tradition, it continues to be a question to which we're ineluctably and powerfully drawn.
Drawing skillfully on a wealth of thinkers, writers and scientists from Augustine, Descartes, Freud and Camus, to Spinoza, Pascal, Darwin, and Wittgenstein, On the that means of Life breathes new power into one of many very largest questions.

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Our minds Are nourished and invisibly repaired. one hundred twenty Notes sixty eight I take the word from the identify of a thesis via Jane Waterworth, residing within the mild of wish (Umea college, 2001), even though I should still upload that Waterworth goals to supply a wholly secularised account of this concept. Bacon, Francis a hundred and five Barth, Karl forty five, 111 good looks a hundred, one zero one, 104 Berlin, Isaiah 18–19 Bernard of Clairvaux a hundred, 119 giant Bang forty three, sixty one Blackburn, Simon 109 Blake, William 100–1, 119 Bloomfield, Paul 109, 117 Bonaventure, St eleven, one hundred and five ‘Brave New international challenge’ eighty two Britten, Benjamin forty five Buddhism thirteen, fifty seven, eighty, ninety three, a hundred and fifteen Burns, Robert 114 Camus, Albert 70, seventy one, a hundred and fifteen Canaletto, Giovanni a hundred and one Carnap, Rudolph a hundred and fifteen factors, varieties of five, 37, forty eight Christianity fifty two, sixty nine, seventy five, eighty four, 88 Cicero 113 Clifford, W. okay. ninety two, 118 Coakley, Sarah 119 Colossians, letter to 114, 116, 117 colors a hundred Confucianism eighty Conrad, Joseph sixty four, 114 Cooper, David 106 Copernicus, Nicolaus 35, 36 Corinthians, letter to one hundred fifteen, 117 Cottingham, John 108, 116 Crews, Frederick 111 121 absurd, the 70, seventy one Adams, Douglas 2, a hundred and five aesthetic and ethical sensibility 102, 104 afterlife seventy four, 75–6 Angst seventy eight Aquinas, St Thomas forty four, ninety three, a hundred and ten, 118 Arian controversy 116 Aristotle 2, five, 30, seventy seven, 80–1, ninety four, a hundred and five, 108, one hundred fifteen, 116, 118 Arnold, Matthew 109 Arras, D. 108 ataraxia eighty three Augustine, St forty-one, fifty three, seventy eight, a hundred and ten, 112, 116 Aurelius, Marcus 35, 36, 109 at the that means of lifestyles Index 122 Index Darwin, Charles 39ff, 47ff, 52ff, 57–8, a hundred and ten Darwinism eight, 39 Davies, Brian a hundred and ten Dawkins, Richard 14, 106, 111 Descartes, René 6, forty-one, fifty four, fifty nine, 60, one hundred and five, one hundred ten, 112, 113 Dickens, Charles 30 ‘disenchantment’ of nature 60 distributive justice eighty one Donne, John 114 Dostoevsky, Fyodor eleven, 106 Earth, position of 37, sixty eight ecology fifty one, fifty two Einstein, Albert 7, nine, 106 Eliot, George seventy three, 84–5, 86, one hundred fifteen, 116 Eliot, T. S. 33, 109, 116 feelings 28, 95–6 Enlightenment 6 evil, different types of 38, fifty three evolution 47ff, forty nine, 50 religion seventy three, ninety three, ninety four, ninety nine, 104, 118 flourishing, human 28–31, sixty four Foucault, Michel 116 Freud, Sigmund 10, 22, 106, 107 futility 50, 103 Galatians, letter to 117 Gauguin, Paul 25, 29 Genesis 34, forty-one, fifty five Glock, Hans-Johann ninety six, 118 God, anthropormorphic belief of 44–5; benevolence of fifty three, fifty five; past our wisdom ninety four, ninety six, ninety nine; loss of life of 12; and morality sixty five; and nature forty-one; omnipotence of fifty five, fifty six, 113; perfection of 38, fifty three; as projection eleven; reasons of 37; and technology 6; transcendent vs immanent fifty eight, fifty nine Goethe, Johann ninety nine goodness, frailty/buoyancy of sixty eight, seventy three, seventy six, 104 Gould, Stephen J. 111 Hadot, Pierre seventy nine, 116 Harvey, Peter 116 Hawking, Stephen four, 7, 106 Heidegger, Martin 2, seventy seven, seventy eight, one hundred and five, 106, 116 helplessness 10 Hick, John 112 Hitchhikers advisor to the Galaxy 1, 2, sixty seven wish seventy four, seventy five Housman, A. E. three, 35, a hundred and five, 109 human nature 26–7, 60, sixty one, seventy two Hume, David 6, 7, 28, sixty one, one hundred and one, one zero five, 106, 108, 114, 119 Huxley, Aldous eighty two, 116 Isaiah eighty, 116 Islam sixty nine, ninety one, 114 Jackson, F. 119 Jesus of Nazareth 79–80, 88, 89, ninety, 117 John, Gospel of 116 Jones, Ward E. 118 Kant, Immanuel eight, 28, ninety nine, 102, 108, 112, 117, 118, 119 Macbeth 103 McGhee, Michael 118, 119 MacIntyre, Alasdair one hundred fifteen Macquarrie, John 113 Magnificat seventy five materialism eighty one subject, impermanence of fifty four, fifty five, fifty seven Matthew, Gospel of 116 that means: and fulfillment 21, sixty six, sixty eight; and autonomy 22–3; and creativity 26, 30; and variety 19; and consuming ninety seven; endogenous 12–17; and futility sixty six, sixty seven, seventy two; and purpose 22; and morality 23–9, 32, sixty four, seventy two; and openness 29, sixty four; and technological know-how 4ff; and seriousness 21; and price 20, 32–3; and may 17–18 metanoia seventy nine Mohammed eighty, 88 Moore, Adrian 52–3, 112 morality, autonomy of sixty five Nagel, Thomas 119 common choice forty seven, forty nine, 50, fifty one, fifty two Newton, Isaac 7, 60 Nicea, Council of ninety Nietzsche, Friedrich 12–18, 31, 106, 107; and demise of God 12–13; and everlasting recurrence 14–15 objectivity, see price Pascal, Blaise 32, 33, 34, 35, 93ff, ninety six, ninety eight, 108, 109, 114, 118 Paul, St fifty two, seventy three, seventy four, 88–9, ninety, 114, 116 Peacocke, A.

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