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you'll want to become aware of styles during this desk: ➤➤ every little thing is a jsp tag. Directives, declarations, scriptlets, and expressions are all XML tags now, with the jsp namespace prefix. the single exception is the tag library directive, which turns into an characteristic of the foundation rfile tag, in its place. ➤➤ You not differentiate among JSP reviews and XML reviews. All reviews are XML reviews. (Of direction, within declarations and scriptlets, you can actually use Java reviews. ) to illustrate how this may switch a record, ponder directory 4-1. it is a uncomplicated JSP dossier with all of the beneficial properties coated during this bankruptcy. Then, evaluate that code to directory 4-2, the JSP c04. indd 102 24-02-2014 13:54:00 A be aware approximately JSP records (JSPX)  ❘  103 Document-equivalent of directory 4-1. become aware of how the directives, declarations, scriptlets, expressions, and reviews all switch.