Download E-books Programming Google Glass: Build Great Glassware Apps with the Mirror API and GDK (2nd Edition) PDF

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By Eric Redmond

This e-book is designed to aid skilled builders fast commence writing
Google Glass purposes with the reflect API. even if this e-book covers
using the interface with Google’s Java replicate shopper code, the replicate API itself
is an HTTP interface with aid for lots of languages. which means many
of the teachings in regards to the reflect API itself can practice to languages past the
simple Java client.
The pertinent code is roofed within the booklet, and the remaining might be downloaded
along with the e-book (or from GitHub.1)
You needn’t be a Java specialist to stick with half considered one of this publication, however it can help
to recognize your approach round the syntax and Eclipse editor. you may as well get
more out of half One if you’re acquainted with Google App Engine, even supposing you
can use any Platform as a carrier (PaaS) or host your personal Glassware applications.
Part calls for a way more intensive wisdom of Java, and there
we’ll be utilizing The Intellij-based Android Studio.

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