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By Gerald D. Mahan

Covering the basics in addition to many exact themes of present curiosity, this is often the main concise, updated, and available graduate-level textbook on quantum mechanics on hand. Written through Gerald Mahan, a exotic study physicist and writer of an acclaimed textbook on many-particle physics, Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell is the distillation of decades' educating experience.

Emphasizing using quantum mechanics to explain real quantum structures resembling atoms and solids, and wealthy with attention-grabbing functions, the booklet proceeds from fixing for the houses of a unmarried particle in power; to fixing for 2 debris (the helium atom); to addressing many-particle structures. purposes comprise electron fuel, magnetism, and Bose-Einstein Condensation; examples are conscientiously selected and labored; and every bankruptcy has quite a few homework difficulties, lots of them original.

Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell expertly addresses conventional and sleek issues, together with perturbation thought, WKBJ, variational tools, angular momentum, the Dirac equation, many-particle wave features, Casimir strength, and Bell's Theorem. And it treats many topics--such because the interactions among photons and electrons, scattering concept, and density practical theory--in unprecedented depth.

A helpful addition to the instructing literature, Quantum Mechanics in a Nutshell is very best for a two-semester course.

  • The so much concise, updated, and obtainable graduate textbook at the topic
  • Contains the precise quantity of fabric for a two-semester direction
  • Focuses at the description of tangible quantum structures, together with a number functions
  • Covers conventional subject matters, in addition to these on the frontiers of analysis
  • Treats in extraordinary element subject matters equivalent to photon-electron interplay, scattering thought, and density practical conception
  • Includes a number of homework difficulties on the finish of every bankruptcy

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