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By Lord Dunsany

The Gods of Pegana, by means of Lord Dunsany, is an imaginitive e-book of delusion and essentially the most vital collections compiled of brief tales from the early a part of the twentieth century. Dunsany, because the moment author to totally make the most the fable and experience of imaginary lands, which come with gods, witches, magic and spirits, The God of Pegana is either an enormous technological know-how fiction paintings that's either for its skill to be an exceptional assortment children's fairy stories in addition to sophistcated sufficient to paintings good at an grownup point.

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At Sish's bidding do the hours run prior to him as he goeth upon his means. by no means hath Sish stepped backward nor ever hath he tarried; by no means hath he relented to the issues that when he knew nor became to them back. prior to Sish is Kib, and at the back of him goeth Mung. Very friendly are all issues prior to the face of Sish, yet in the back of him they're withered and outdated. And Sish goeth eternally upon his method. as soon as the gods walked upon Earth as males stroll and spake with their mouths like males. That used to be in Wornath-Mavai. They stroll no longer now. And Wornath-Mavai was once a backyard fairer than the entire gardens upon Earth. Kib used to be propitious, and Mung raised no longer his hand opposed to it, neither did Sish assail it along with his hours. Wornath-Mavai lieth in a valley and looketh in the direction of the south, and at the slopes of it Sish rested one of the plant life while Sish was once younger. Thence Sish went forth into the area to ruin its towns, and to impress his hours to assail all issues, and to batter opposed to them with the rust and with the dirt. And Time, that's the hound of Sish, wolfed all issues; and Sish despatched up the ivy and fostered weeds, and mud fell from the hand of Sish and lined stately issues. purely the valley the place Sish rested whilst he and Time have been younger did Sish no longer impress his hours to assail. There he limited his previous hound Time, and at its borders Mung withheld his footsteps. Wornath-Mavai nonetheless lieth taking a look in the direction of the south, a backyard between gardens, and nonetheless the flora develop approximately its slopes as they grew whilst the gods have been younger; or even the butterflies reside in Wornath-Mavai nonetheless. For the minds of the gods relent in the direction of their earliest thoughts, who relent no longer another way in any respect. Wornath-Mavai nonetheless lieth having a look in the direction of the south; but when thou shouldst ever locate it thou artwork then extra lucky than the gods, simply because they stroll no longer in Wornath-Mavai now. as soon as did the prophet imagine that he discerned it within the distance past mountains, a backyard exceeding reasonable with flora; yet Sish arose, and pointed along with his hand, and set his hound to pursue him, who hath ever when you consider that. Time is the hound of the gods; however it hath been acknowledged of previous that he'll sooner or later flip upon his masters, and search to slay the gods, excepting basically MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI, whose desires are the gods themselves—dreamed some time past. The Sayings of Slid * (Whose Soul is by means of the ocean) Slid acknowledged: "Let no guy pray to MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI, for who shall difficulty MANA with mortal woes or irk him with the sorrows of all of the homes of Earth? "Nor enable any sacrifice to MANA-YOOD-SUSHAI, for what glory shall he locate in sacrifices or altars who hath made the gods themselves? "Pray to the small gods, who're the gods of Doing; yet MANA is the god of getting Done—the god of getting performed and of the Resting. "Pray to the small gods and desire that they might listen thee. but what mercy may still the small gods have, who themselves made demise and soreness; or shall they restrain their previous hound Time for thee? "Slid is yet a small god. but Slid is Slid—it is written and hath been acknowledged.

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