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By Baqir Shareef al-Qurashi - XKP

This textual content incorporates a designated biography of the existence, lineage, and conditions of our 11th Imam [a]. except detailing the lifetime of the Imam [a], the writer additionally discusses the tafsir (exegesis) of the Qur'an that's attributed to him, in addition to lists and describes all of the partners of his who narrated traditions from him.



Published through: Ansariyan courses Qum Iran.

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6 p. 158. [390] Murooj ath-Thahab, vol. 2 p. 366. [391] Al-Wuzara’ wel Kuttab, p. 192. [392] Al-Mahasin wel Masawi’, p. 585. [393] Safeenat al-Bihar, vol. 2 p. 158. bankruptcy 12 Political existence The political lifestyles within the age of Imam Abu Muhammad (a. s. ) used to be very undesirable and risky. Oppression, injustice, and seditions prevailed in all places, and lots of revolts broke out. That, as i feel, was once as a result of the domination of the Turks over the reins of presidency, and their absolute keep watch over over all affairs of the nation, notwithstanding they have been specialist neither in politics nor in management. They oppressed humans, transgressed the foundations, and unfold terrorism. the opposite cause of this used to be the lack of expertise of the Abbasid kings, their indulging in pleasures and lusts, and their inadvertence to the pursuits of individuals, which prompted many political crises at the moment. Oppressing the Alawids The Alawids have been significantly attempted and intensely confused in the course of such a lot sessions of the Abbasid rule. The Abbasid kings formally oppressed the Alawids, and pursued and punished them seriously. They imposed on them cost-effective blockade until eventually they have been in utmost neediness. Historians say that in the reign of al-Mutawakkil, the Alawids suffered neediness and deprivation so sour and terrible that can now not be defined. they'd not anything yet one cloak, and every time an Alawid guy or an Alawid lady desired to exit, she or he placed it on. humans kept away from associating with them for worry of the tyrannical govt. at some point, Muhammad bin Salih (bin) al-Husayn requested Ibrahim bin al-Mudbir (to be as a mediator) to invite ‘Isa bin Musa al-Jarmi’s daughter’s hand. the daddy of the woman refused and acknowledged to the mediator, ‘I simply let you know the reality. through Allah, i don't comprehend one nobler or extra honorable than him, yet I refused him simply because I worry from al-Mutawakkil and his sons after him for my existence and wealth. ’[394] Muslims shunned contacting the Alawids, or even from greeting them, as the Abbasid governments punished seriously whoever confirmed any form of recognize and regard in the direction of the Alawids. The worst interval the Alawids underwent was once the reign of al-Mutawakkil who poured all his rage and spite on them. They ran away to all cities and villages[395] for worry that the govt. may well arrest and lead them both to graveyards or prisons. The Imam’s Amulet Imam Abu Muhammad (a. s. ) suffered other forms of oppression and cruelty throughout the reign of al-Mutawakkil and different Abbasid kings whom the imam used to be modern with. for that reason, he resorted to Allah to guard him from their plots and keep him from their evils. He armed himself with this du’a: “I have charmed myself with the appeal of Allah; the sunshine in which He has hidden from eyes, and brought precaution for my self, relations, teenagers, houses, and all that less than my cost by means of the identify of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, and sought safe haven for myself and all that from what I worry and watch out for with Allah Who (there isn't any god yet Him, the Everliving, the everlasting.

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