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The Poetic Edda contains a treasure trove of mythic and non secular verse retaining an incredible position in Nordic tradition, literature, and background. Its stories of strife and dying shape a repository, in poetic shape, of Norse mythology and heroic lore, embodying either the moral perspectives and the cultural lifetime of the North in the course of the overdue heathen and early Christian times.

Collected through an unidentified Icelander, most likely through the 12th or 13th century, The Poetic Edda was once rediscovered in Iceland within the 17th century via Danish students. Even then its worth as poetry, as a resource of historic info, and as a suite of pleasing tales was once famous. This meticulous translation succeeds in reproducing the verse styles, the rhythm, the temper, and the honor of the unique in a revision that Scandinavian Studies says "may good grace anyone's bookshelf."

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All hail to thee, for happiness is given thee, Agnar, by means of Óthin. higher guerdon shalt by no means get for one beaker of beer. four. The land is holy which lies yonder, with reference to Æsir and alfs; in Thrúthheim,8 there shall Thór ay live, until eventually attracts nigh the doom of the gods. five. On Ydal’s9 plains Ull hath reared him his corridor timbered on excessive. For Frey’s10 tooth-fee used to be formed of yore Alf-Home, as reward by way of the gods. 6. a 3rd corridor nonetheless, all thatched with silver, used to be outfitted by way of the blessed gods: in Válaskjalf11 corridor did residence himself Óthin in olden days. 7. Sokkvabekk12 known as is the fourth, which cool waters ripple around approximately; there Óthin and Sága13 all their days drink, comfortable from golden cups. eight. Gladhome is hight the 5th the place golden shimm’ring Valholl14 is broadly opened up; the following Óthin chooses each day weapon-slain warriors. nine. simply identified to Ygg’s selected are the heavenly halls: the rafters, spearshafts; the roofs, shield-shingled; and the benches strewn with byrnies. 10. simply identified to Ygg’s selected are the heavenly halls: a wolf hangeth o’er the western gate, and hovers an eagle on excessive. 15 eleven. Thrymheim16 is hight the 6th, the place Thjatsi dwelled, the etin of lousy may well; Njorth’s bride there her bower hath, Skathi,17 the place her father ahead of. 12. Breithablik18 the 7th; there Baldr the great hath reared him his brilliant dwelling house: in that land it lies the place least i do know falsehood and faithlessness. thirteen. Himinbjorg19 the 8th; there Heimdall, they are saying, guards the holy corridor; there the gods’ warder in goodly stead the mead beverages, completely happy in brain. 14. Folkvang20 the 9th, the place Freya21 chooses who seats shall have in her corridor: half the slain are hers on a daily basis, and part are Óthin’s personal. 15. Glitnir22 the 10th, which with gold is propped, and is shingled with shining silver; there Forseti23 unflagging sits, the god that stills all strife. sixteen. Nóatún24 the 11th, the place Njorth hath him reared his shiny homestead; the sinless god his seat there has and principles in high-timbered corridor. 17. Greenwoods develop, and grasses tall, in Víthi,25 Víthar’s land: from horseback leaps the hero, keen to avenge his father’s fall. 18. by means of Andhrímnir26 in Eldhrímnir27 Sæhrímnir,28 the boar, is boiled, the easiest of bacons; even though ’tis slightly recognized what the einherjar29 consume. 19. Valfather feeds Freki and Geri30 at the flesh of the fallen; yet weapon-glad Óthin on wine purely lives without end and ay. 20. the full earth over, each day, hover Hugin and Munin;31 I dread lest Hugin suspend in his flight, but I worry me nonetheless extra for Munin. 21. Thund32 roars loudly; activities Thjóthvitnir’s fish33 within the foaming flood; the robust movement turns out too stiff to wade for warriors to Valholl bent. 22. Valgrind34 is the gate that wards the gods, holy, nigh holy doorways; outdated is that wicket, nor wot many with what bolt that gate is barred. 23. rooms and 40 withal I ween that during Bilskirnir35 be; of the entire halls which on excessive are reared the best I see is my son’s. 24. doorways and 40 withal I ween that during Valholl be: 8 hundred warriors via one door hie them once they fare forth to struggle the Wolf.

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