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By Jesse L. Byock

Written in Iceland a century after the shut of the Viking Age, The Prose Edda is the resource of such a lot of what we all know of Norse mythology. Its stories are peopled via giants, dwarves, and elves, superhuman heroes and indomitable warrior queens. Its gods reside with the tragic wisdom in their personal coming near near destruction within the cataclysmic conflict of Ragnarok. Its time scale spans the eons from the world’s construction to its violent finish. This powerful new translation captures the magisterial sweep and startling psychological complexity of the previous Icelandic original.

For greater than seventy years, Penguin has been the best writer of vintage literature within the English-speaking international. With greater than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents an international bookshelf of the simplest works all through historical past and throughout genres and disciplines. Readers belief the series to supply authoritative texts stronger by means of introductions and notes by way of wonderful students and modern authors, in addition to up-to-date translations by means of award-winning translators.

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A hoop demanded via the berserks for Rolf Krake. Svid. a reputation of Odin. Svidar. a reputation of Odin. Svidr. a reputation of Odin. Svidre. a reputation of Odin. Svidrir. a reputation of Odin. Svidur. a reputation of Odin. Svipdag. The betrothed of Menglad. Svipol. a reputation of Odin. Svol. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Svolne. a reputation of Odin. Sylg. A movement flowing from Hvergelmer. Syn. A minor goddess. Syr. a reputation of Freyja. Tangnjost. } Thor's goats. Tangrisner. } Thek. A dwarf; additionally a reputation of Odin. Thjalfe. The identify of Thor's man-servant. Thjasse. a huge; the daddy of Njord's spouse, Skade. Thjodnuma. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Thok. Loke within the conceal of a lady. Thol. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Thor. Son of Odin and Fjorgyn. The god of thunder. Thorin. A dwarf. Thorn. an immense. Thride. a reputation of Odin. Thro. A dwarf; additionally a reputation of Odin. Throin. A dwarf. Thror. a reputation of Odin. Thrud. A valkyrie. Thud. a reputation of Odin. Thul. A circulation flowing from Hvergelmer. Thund. a reputation of Odin. Thvite. A stone utilized in chaining the Fenris-wolf. Thyn. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Tyr. The one-armed god of warfare. Ud. a reputation of Odin. Ukko. The god of thunder in Tshudic mythology. Ukko-Thor. a reputation for Thor. Uller. Son of Sif and step-son of Thor. Urd. The norn of the prior. Utgard. The homestead of the large Utgard-Loke. Utgard-Loke. a massive visited through Thor; exact with Skrymer. Vafthrudner. a huge visited by means of Odin. Vafud. a reputation of Odin. Vafurloge. The bickering flame surrounding Brynhild on Hindfell. Vak. a reputation of Odin. Valaskjalf. one among Odin's dwellings. Vale. Brother of Balder; kills Hoder. Valfather. a reputation of Odin. Valhal. The corridor to which Odin invitations these slain in conflict. Vanadis. a reputation of Freyja. Vanaheim. the house of the trucks. Var. The goddess of betrothals and marriages. Vartare. The thread with which the mouth of Loke used to be sewed jointly. Vasad. The grandfather of iciness. Ve. A brother of Odin. (Odin, Vile and Ve). Vedfolner. A hawk in Ygdrasil. Vegsvin. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Vegtam. a reputation of Odin. Veratyr. a reputation of Odin. Verdande. The norn of the current. Vestre. A dwarf. Vid. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer. Vidar. Son of Odin and the giantess Grid. Vidblain. The 3rd heaven. Vidfin. the daddy of Bil and Hjuke. Vidolf. The ancestor of the valas. Vidrer. a reputation of Odin. Vidur. a reputation of Odin. Vig. A dwarf. Vigrid. the sphere of conflict the place the gods and the hosts of Surt meet in Ragnarok. Vile. Brother of Odin and Ve. Vilmeide. The ancestor of all wizards. Vimer. A river that Thor crosses. Vin. A river that flows from Hvergelmer. Vina. A river that flows from Hvergelmer. Vindalf. A dwarf. Vindlong. one of many names of the daddy of wintry weather. Vindsval. one of many names of the daddy of wintry weather. Vingner. a reputation of Thor. Vingolf. The palace of the asynjes. Vingthor. a reputation of Thor. Virfir. A dwarf. Vit. A dwarf. Volsungs. The descendants of Volsung. Von. A river shaped via the saliva working from the mouth of the chained Fenris-wolf. Vor. one of many asynjes. Wodan. a reputation of Odin. Ydaler. Uller's living. Yg. a reputation of Odin. Ygdrasil. The world-embracing ash-tree. Ylg. one of many streams flowing from Hvergelmer.

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