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By Sergey Nazarenko

The widening spectrum of actual functions of wave turbulence conception levels from plasma waves to Bose-Einstein condensates. bobbing up from lectures given through the writer, this quantity is established as a graduate textual content and contains routines and suggestions.

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Respectively, the complete variety of modes is     kmax d kmax L d N¼ ¼ : kmin 2p We denote by means of BN the set of all wavenumbers kl contained in the k-space field of quantity ð2kmax Þd , see Fig. five. 1. We write the wave functionality by way of its amplitude and part pffiffiffiffi ^ l ; tÞ ¼ Jl / ; ^ ¼ wðk ð5:5Þ w l l Fig. five. 1 Set of lively wave modes in discrete Fourier house, BN & Zd 5. 1 Statistical Variables fifty seven Fig. five. 2 house of section components: S1 Re d ξl φ l ξl +d ξl ξl zero Im the place Jl 2 Rþ is the depth of the mode l, and /l 2 S1 is the part issue of the mode l. by means of S1 we suggest the unit circle within the advanced aircraft, i. e. /l ¼ eiul , see Fig. five. 2. We write the set of all Jl and /l with l such that kl 2 BN as fJl ; /l ; kl 2 BN g or for brief: fJ; /g: five. 2 likelihood Density services We may well now outline the chance Density functionality (PDF). Definition five. 1 The likelihood of discovering Jl within ðsl ; sl þ dsl Þ & Rþ and discovering /l within the region ðnl ; nl þ dnl Þ & S1 (see Fig. five. 2) is given when it comes to the joint PDF PðNÞ fs; ng as Y PðNÞ fs; ng dsl jdnl j: ð5:6Þ kl 2BN ^ ¼ f fJ; /g, and we will be able to locate its suggest worth as For a functionality f we write f fwg 1 zero Z Z1 I Y C ðNÞ B dsl jdnl japanese fs; ngf fs; ng ¼ B PðNÞ fs; ngf fs; ng; h f fJ; /gi ¼ @ kl 2BN zero S1 ð5:7Þ 58 five Statistical items in Wave Turbulence the place we brought notation for the a number of (2N-fold) essential over the entire section and the amplitude variables of the modes in BN. We see that during the endless field restrict L ? ? PðNÞ fs; /g ! P½sðkÞ; nðkފ; and the averages could be written through Feynman direction integration, I D E Z ^ ¼ Dsk jDnk jPðsk ; / Þf ðw Þ: f ðwÞ ok okay ð5:8Þ we will give some thought to aid of the entire N-mode PDF to an M-mode joint PDF (M \ N): 1 zero Z1 I Y C B ðMÞ Pj1 ;j2 ;... ;jM ¼ @ dsl jdnl jAPðNÞ fs; ng; ð5:9Þ l6¼j1 ;j2 ;... ;jM S1 zero the place we now have built-in out all stages and amplitudes no longer inside the set fJ; /gM ¼ fJl ; /l ; l ¼ j1 ; j2 ; . . . ; jM g. evidently, lets outline items the place we combine out an arbitrary (\N) variety of the stages and an arbitrary (\N) variety of the amplitudes, now not unavoidably equivalent in quantity or belonging to an identical modes. a very vital instance is the N-mode amplitude-only PDF received via integrating out the entire levels /, 1 zero I Y C B jdnl jAPðNÞ fs; ng: ð5:10Þ PðN;aÞ fsg ¼ @ kl 2BN S1 ultimately, we will be able to write the single-mode amplitude PDF ðaÞ Pð1;aÞ  Pj ðsj Þ; ð5:11Þ the place we've built-in out all levels /, and all amplitudes J yet one. five. three Random section and Amplitude Fields Definition five. 2 A random part (RP) box is this type of box within which all / are self sufficient random variables (i. r. v. ) each one of whom is uniformly disbursed at the unit circle S1 . utilizing this definition, we will write the PDF for a RP box PðNÞ fs; ng ¼ 1 ð2pÞN PðN;aÞ fsg: ð5:12Þ 5. three Random section and Amplitude Fields fifty nine comment five. three. 1 we'll see under that RP (in addition to the susceptible nonlinearity) is adequate for the bottom point WT closure which ends up in an equation for the Npoint amplitude-only PDF.

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