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Matylda Szymalska – CEO

She has many years of experience in the media and advertising industry. For a few years, she was associated with the publishing market. Working as a sales director, she gained experience in marketing new products, creating a sales and promotion policy, team management and building relationships with the clients. Referral marketing fascinated her with its simplicity and efficiency. As the Chairman of Streetcom, she has set herself clear targets: an active sales and pro-client policy and education of the market in referral marketing. She believes that the most important in the company are the people who make it and the commitment to work supported by the expertise. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism and Political Science at the University of Warsaw. Privately, she is interested in psychology and advertising; she is an afficionado of good coffee and literature. She loves spending time with her little daughter and travelling.

Urszula Jaworowska - Client Service Director

As a Client Service Director, he manages the customer service department, oversees cooperation with all clients of the agency, supports the processes of marketing campaigns on the Polish market and foreign markets. It cares for the development of cooperation with other company’s cells in order to strengthen and develop customer service standards. Urszula Jaworowska graduated in Baltic Philology and Cultural Studies at the University of Warsaw. He is interested in avant-garde cinema, Russian literature and anthropology of shows.

Wojtek Zdunek – Sales Director

He is responsible for functioning of the Sales Department on the Polish, Hungarian and Czech markets. His main responsibilities include implementation of sales plans, working with direct clients, advertising agencies and media houses. He gained experience as a Sales Director in an interactive agency. Earlier, he was the Customer Retention Manager in a company operating in the mobile industry. He graduated in sociology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw. He willingly spends his free time horse riding or snowboarding in the winter.