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Who is an Expert?

They like to advise others, so they recommend a product to their friends. By their participation in the campaigns, Streetcom Experts know in advance what is going to appear on the market and they have an opportunity to test new products.

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What is refferal marketing?

Streetcom, the first in Europe consumer referral marketing agency, has been operating since 2004. We base our activities on a unique community of almost 300,000 consumers.

In the USA and on developed European markets, such activities are the most valuable form of building a relationship with a consumer and one of the basic forms of product promotion and consumer opinion research. In Poland, we have carried out several hundred campaigns so far, and the clients of Streetcom are the world's biggest brands.  Streetcom Experts tested products and services from many industries, like cosmetics, electronic equipments, toys, food products, goods for children, as well as banking services and others.

The basic form of implementation of referral marketing are Product Seeding campaigns. They consist in providing a selected consumer group with full value products together with testing samples for their friends. Communication on the products and brands takes place both online and in the real world. Selected consumers can also become promoters of the idea (within Idea Seeding) – like healthy eating, lifestyle and other topics. Bloggers from Streetcom Blog Team are also invited to chosen campaigns. The power of referral marketing is targeted activities in perfectly selected consumer groups.

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A trendsetter is a person who can be called a barometer of trends. He or she is familiar with fashion and the latest trends, they attend trendy clubs. They are well informed about what and where is going on, what is currently on top. They have a large circle of friends who respect their opinions. A trendsetter sets and creates new trends. Trendsetters (alternatively called opinion formers) are an elite group of people who are the first to accept and test new products or services. A trendsetter operating among students is usually 18-25 years old. He or she is a student or has a job. They have much more friends than they average university mates, and in their midst they play a role of a charismatic leader. Not only are they interested in fashion or technical novelties, but they can also convincingly present things that are brand new and that others do not know yet. Not only do they spend time in the clubs, but they also easily make contacts, they can talk to strange people and create around themselves an atmosphere of interest. Trendsetters are social by nature, open to new ideas, challenges, products and they willingly share the information with others. At the beginning of its activities in the years 2004 and 2005, Streetcom was mainly engaged in working with trendsetters, self-promoters, marketing of lifestyle products. In fact, the word-of-mouth marketing implemented in this segment is very effective, but it is quite a narrow and niche market segment. Answering the question whether trendsetting is developing in our country, it can be easily said that there are not many products suitable for this type of activity, and real trendsetters are even fewer.

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