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74% of parents believe that 6-year-olds should not be deprived of their childhood

According to the results of the latest Streetcom Poland nationwide survey ordered by website, 74% of parents object to compulsory education for 6-year-old children. The changes also have their supporters. 20% of parents believe that 6-year-old children should start their school education; 6% of the respondents have no opinion.

The reform prepared by the Ministry of National Education on lowering the school starting age to 6 years is a controversial subject and it has not gained support from the majority of parents. The most frequent reasons are: desire to extend childhood (32%), unprepared schools (30%) and emotional immaturity of 6-year-olds (28% of parents’ responses). 6% of the respondents said that parents should have a choice because every child is different; 4% believe that the current system is good and it should not be changed.

What arguments support the education reform? Children learn quickly; at this age they are grown-up enough to start their education earlier, and the school curriculum is adapted to them.
As many as 64% of the reform supporters give as the main reason the ability of 6-year-olds to learn quickly. 11% of parents believe that nowadays children are grown-up enough to start their education earlier, and 8% of the supporters indicate the school curriculum adapted to the age and abilities of the youngest students in the school. A small group of parents notice that 6-year-old children are bored in the kindergarten and they waste their time (7%). Some of the respondents refer to their own experience, they started their education earlier and they appreciate this solution (6%).

The Ministry’s ways to convince parents prove to be not very effective.
Only 3% supported the argument for the reform which emphasises that there are positive effects of earlier compulsory education in other developed countries. Another Ministry’s argument for 6-year-olds learning at school is the benefit from the best period of a child’s development. However, 73% of parents believe that starting education at the age of six does not affect a better development.

What about preparation of schools to receive younger children?
88% of the surveyed parents said that the Polish schools are not prepared for 6-year-olds.
The CAWI survey was carried out in June 2013 among the people registered in the Streetcom community, which has almost 300,000 consumers. The anonymous survey covered 13,055 parents of children up to 10 years old from the whole Poland.

A co z przygotowaniem szkół do przyjęcia młodszych dzieci?
88% badanych rodziców odpowiedziało, że polskie szkoły nie są przygotowane do przyjęcia 6-latków.
Badanie metodą CAWI zrealizowane zostało w czerwcu 2013 r. wśród osób zarejestrowanych w społeczności Streetcom, która liczy ponad 250 tysięcy konsumentów. W anonimowym badaniu wzięło udział 13055 rodziców dzieci do 10 roku życia z całej Polski.

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