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The Streetcom Poland agency carried our in June a nationwide survey among bloggers. The main aim was to know the motivation to write a blog and the habits of bloggers. As it appeared, for 90% of the respondents their blog is an important, joyful element of the daily life. Why do they write? Bloggers are most motivated to post more entries by their readers’ reactions.

In a nationwide anonymous survey, Streetcom asked bloggers about their motivations to write a blog and about how important writing a blog is in their life. Every fifth blogger writes a blog post every day. Nearly half of the authors write at least once a week. Every third surveyed person has kept a blog for longer than two years, so he or she has already had some experience and built relationships with their readers. The most popular blog themes include: beauty, lifestyle and cooking. Is writing a pleasure, work or fun for them? Half of the bloggers are professionally active, and the blog is their additional activity. 90% say that the blog is an important element in their life or one of hobbies, a significant activity bringing joy.

What makes bloggers want to write? Absolutely the most important motivation for bloggers is interaction with readers. This factor is of the greatest importance for 60% of the surveyed bloggers.
For one in four of the respondents, the blog is a permanent, very important element of life, while for 60% it is a source of joy in everyday life. “Writing my blog, I find fulfilment and it motivates me to carry on. The comments under my posts, new observers, opinions of my blog readers (those placed on social websites and expressed orally), information that somebody was inspired by my ideas, made something similar, an award for my blog – all these things make me want to write” – answers one of the authors. “In the past, people had diaries, now they blog. I try to note down the things which are important to me, so that in the future I can come back to my memories and important experiences” – says another. For the next one, writing a blog means “a possibility to exchange opinions and do all the talking”. What is most important for you in writing a blog? “My dear readers, of course. But also, when producers give me various presents to test – I’m glad of that, too” – admits another author. Blogs give personal satisfaction and they are a method of documenting reality, and they sometimes build a social position as well. “I got so hooked that I can’t imagine a day without a post and visit in my blog. I’m very proud of it. Every single visit and comment make me happy. My mother-in-law, who always thought I was a poor housewife, now is even proud of me and my achievements… really”.

Streetcom specialises in referral marketing, and since over a year, it has provided a platform for bloggers, the Streetcom Blog Team, on its website Normally, they write their blogs in different places of the Internet.

The bloggers are bound by the rules described on the website The Streetcom Blogger Code includes: openness – they always say they are taking part in a referral marketing campaign; honesty – because they are not paid for their blog activities and they get engaged in campaigns voluntarily; naturalness – a blogger is not instructed how to express opinions. The bloggers are introduced to the community of almost 300,000 Streetcom Experts and 50,000 fans on Facebook.
A nationwide, anonymous CAWI survey was carried out in June 2013 by Streetcom Poland. 820 blog writers took part in it.

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