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Several hundred successful campaigns!

Customers who keep coming back.


A quarter of a million Experts of Streetcom Poland

The community of consumers registered in Streetcom Poland has reached a quarter of a million people! They recommend tested products and services, recommending them to their friends. They are exceptionally active and sociable, both online and in the real world. Over 70% of them are women, among which a very committed group are mothers.

In April, 2013, the community of Streetcom Experts exceeded the number of a quarter of a million. An innovative system, implemented in April 2013, allows the agency to manage the unique community even more efficiently and select consumer groups according to any specified criteria more precisely. The community includes people with very different characteristics, interests and shopping preferences. Their uniqueness lies in the strong commitment readiness to participate in the campaigns. “Why does one want to be an Expert? What motivates the participants if they are not paid and they comply with the applicable code – they are some of most often asked questions about the community. “I’m sociable, wordy and I always know how the wind blows. My opinion is so important to my friends that they take me with them shopping in order to advise them what to choose. And each time, when something new appears, they first ask me about opinion because it’s always me “this first one”. I’m just an Expert” – says one of the ladies. “I’m an Expert because: I’m picky. I’m not easily satisfied and I always recommend to others what’s good. I’m glad that I can recommend them things and they know they can count on me. What’s more, I like being up to date, especially when new products appear on the market. Being an Expert is just something for me!” – answers another participant of a referral campaign.

Streetcom Poland is almost nine years old now and this is the first in Europe and the biggest in Poland agency engaged in promotional activities based on consumer referral marketing. It has carried out a few hundred campaigns of among others cosmetics, electronic equipment, toys, food products, goods for children, electronic gadgets, financial services and more. The clients of Streetcom are many global companies and international brands. The agency is also active in Lithuania, Hungary and in the Czech Republic.

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