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Do mums make gifts for themselves? 90% of them say: YES

26 May is probably the day of the year when we can see in the streets the most people with bunches of flowers in their hands. Mothers receive thanks, wishes and presents from their kids, regardless of their age. But what do mums buy for themselves during the year? What products do they preferably choose to give themselves pleasure and please themselves?

When do they shop for themselves and who is taking care of their children at that time? In a nationwide survey carried out by Streetcom Poland in May 2003, we asked mothers if they feel the need to please themselves by shopping for their own pleasure. We also wanted to know if they find time to buy the products which are not designed for the family or relatives. Moreover, we asked about the most frequently bought articles which give them pleasure. We found out how young mums get on and who they leave their kids with to go to the shops for their own pleasure. The survey was aimed at mums of children of different age, even the youngest ones, who are not able to wish them Happy Mother’s Day.
The survey answered the questions:

How many? In the previous six months, 90% of mothers bought a product which gave them pleasure, and it was not an article for a family member.
How often? Buying a gift for themselves is an element of everyday life for 18% of the respondents. Over a half of them make themselves a present once a month or more rarely, and one in ten – never at all. 54% of the respondents buy products which give them pleasure during the week, and 42% at the weekend.
What? We know what products give mums the greatest pleasure. Buying clothes was indicated by 71% of mums. The following positions were occupied by: cosmetics (67%), shoes (50%), books (47%), handbags (32%), jewellery (25%). Among other articles, there were mentioned: electronic equipment, digital cameras, laptops, phones, tablets, sweets, trinkets, CDs, beauty treatments and spas, flowers and house plants.
Where? Modern mums most often buy themselves presents in shopping centres (73%), but as many as 57% choose Internet shops when looking for something attractive for themselves.
Furthermore, we asked mums the question: “Who takes care of the children when you are doing the shopping for pleasure?” From among the mums whose children need care and who are not independent yet, the majority go shopping leaving their children under the care of the husband/partner (49%) or grandparents (43%). Young mums also make themselves presents when their children are in the nursery school or kindergarten, or with a babysitter (28%). The conclusion is that a good idea for fathers and grandfather may be staying at home with the child on Mother’s Day so that mother can buy a present celebrating her own holiday? Especially when it appears that mums preferably choose their presents on their own (62%). Shopping for themselves in the company of a female friend or partner is indicated accordingly by 33 and 32% of women.

The CAWI survey was carried out among the people registered in the Streetcom community, which has almost 300,000 consumers. 2,992 mothers from the whole Poland took part in this anonymous survey.

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