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Fortuna and Streetcom – new drinks in ambassadors’ hands

Less means more – this is a referral campaign slogan of new drinks from the Fortuna brand, carried out by the Streetcom Poland agency. 2,500 consumers from the Streetcom community are invited to the campaign. Information about the new products will reach almost 300,000 people.
The aim of the campaign is to allow properly selected consumers to test the new product. They are aware, they appreciate a healthy lifestyle and they are looking for balance. Maintaining a healthy balance and health itself is important to them. They take care of the form and figure. This is why the perfect products for them are the new Fortuna drinks. The new line of Fortuna drinks includes the following flavours: apple with papaya and lemon grass, citruses with lemon grass, and apple with watermelon and mint. The drink flavours are lighter because fruit juice is mixed with mineral water. The products do not contain sugar or sweeteners so their caloric value is reduced by 30%.

Within the product seeding campaign, the ambassadors of the Fortuna brand will test the new drinks and share their opinions with the friends. They will also obtain educational information about the product and leaflets for their interlocutors. The campaign takes place online and in the real world – wherever consumers communicate with each other. They will also recommend the product among their friends on the Internet, in the social media.

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