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Mary Kay At Play™– Streetcom ambassadors are doing makeup online and in the real life

Mary Kay® Company decided to expand the number of clients through referral marketing activities. They charged the Streetcom agency the task to support the latest line of Mary Kay At Play™ makeup cosmetics.

“Live life to the fullest, love and play” – encourages Mary Kay At Play™, a manufacturer of a new line of colour cosmetics directed especially to young women who like to experiment with makeup and their image. The ladies are looking for new things, they like to have fun, they are sociable, they choose new brands and keep looking for better solutions and new trends. They are also active online and in the social media. Such perfect customers are recruited by Streetcom from its community of almost 300,000 people. The campaign is carried out in a few stages and it takes place on the Internet and in the real world. The women, selected in the recruitment process, take part in a virtual play, and then the most active of them are appointed and candidate to participate in the next stage of the campaign. This participation is made possible by “product experience” in the real life. Mary Kay At Play™ lip glosses, triple eye shadows and eye liners provide fun for both the most active participants of the online campaign and their friends as well. The women obtain information about the cosmetics and new makeup trends. They can also attend the meeting with a Mary Kay® make-up artist.

Streetcom provides the manufacturer with a distinct outreach to the target group, image building support and education on the new line of cosmetics, as well as eliciting honest recommendations both online and in the real life. Product recommendations in the real life will reach about 20,000 people, and the campaign is expected to reach about 65,000 page hits of the events.

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