We are a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing. We specialize in introducing new products to the market for industries FMCG and 

We have implemented over 500 products on the market. Yours could be next.

why streetcom?

Specialization We are a pioneer in the field of influencer marketing and introducing new products to the market and relaunch campaigns.
Efficiency Several hundred companies and brands, including the largest international corporations such as: Nestle, Henkel, Brown Forman, Barbora, Sarantis, and Bunge, have learned about our effectiveness. span>
Range We have created our own, the largest community in the EU InStars of over 500,000 loyal and active nano and micro influencers.
Know-how We implement campaigns using the unique STIR2 methodology, based on the theory of social influence and Salomon Ash’s research on conformity.
Success Our activities guarantee our clients reach, content, commitment, trials and quality opinions and recommendations, and ultimately increasing the recognition of promoted products and increasing sales.

STIR2 methodology


We know how to make you shine on social media


We know how to break the purchase barrier


Thanks to us, your product is recommended and purchased


We study the target group to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign


We study the target group to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign

STIR² methodology created on the basis of the experience and know-how of a team of Streetcom agency experts. It is based on social influence theory and Solomon Asch’s research on conformity. Professor Asch has proven in his research that the larger a group is unanimous in its opinions, the stronger its influence on others. The number of stimuli also determines the strength of the influence. That’s why the connection
The 5 pillars (social, trial, influence, research, recommendations) mean that the introductions and implementations of products to the market carried out by Streetcom are not only noticed by consumers, but more importantly, they achieve the intended effects/goals.

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