TIER Client: TIER Mobility Brand: TIER Target Group Women and men 25 years+, residents of large cities. Campaign goal The campaign aimed to educate consumers about the benefits of TIER scooters, including communicating the safe way of traveling with this means of transport, and to generate quality content in social media. See aslo LEIFHEIT Meglio […]

Persil discs 4 w 1

Persil Discs 4 w 1 Client: Henkel Polska Brand: Persil Discs 4 w 1 Target Group Women aged 30-45, mothers, working in offices – higher earnings, buying premium products. Consumer benefit With Persil discs 4 in 1, the laundry is fresh and clean – you gain more time for yourself and your family. The goal […]

Purina Pro Plan

Purina Pro Plan Cat Client: Nestle Brand: Purina Pro Plan Cat Target group Women and men from all over Poland with sterilized or neutered cats aged 1 to 6 years. People who are aware of their pets’ nutrition and care about their health and well-being. Active on the Internet, willing to share opinions about Purina […]


Case study meglio influencer marketing zdjęcie przedstawia odtłuszczacz na stole w ogrodzie

Meglio Client: Bolton Poland Brand: Meglio Target group Middle-aged women who care about cleanliness. Consumer benefit Meglio degreasers can be used universally to clean heavily soiled surfaces. The product is universal, so it can be used on various types of surfaces. Campaign goal Building brand awareness, along with conveying key product benefits. Reaching new consumers […]