Stay vertical

Client: Grupa Żywiec
Date: August 2018 – January 2019
Goal: To promote assertiveness in refusing alcohol consumption
Platforms used: Influencer profiles and channels on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and blogs
Influencers: incl. Magda Danaj from Porysunki, Billie Sparrow, Out of Context, StayFly, Duży w Maluchu, Jeleniajaja, Nishka.

For the second year in a row, Hash.fm supported Grupa Żywiec’s social campaign “Hold the pion”. Insights from the 2017 campaign were an important element in building the strategy for the 2018 campaign, promoting an assertive attitude in refusing to drink alcohol. In the initial phase of the campaign, Hash.fm provided two services – influencer marketing inbox, i.e. active acquisition of influencers willing to support the campaign, and passive inbox – comprehensive handling of applications from influencers who sent their proposals to support the campaign. The next stage was the implementation of selected influencers’ ideas.