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What can we expect in 2023 in the Influencer Marketing industry?

Long-term means effective.

We can expect further investments in the so-called long-term activities and building long-term relationships. We at Streetcom have been using and recommending this form of cooperation to our clients for a long time. We know from experience that such a model of cooperation and designing Influencer marketing activities brings profits for everyone – the Client, Influencers and Consumers.


We are sure that the professionalization of the industry will continue. One of its next stages is the CIO era. As companies invest more and more in influencer marketing activities, it is clear that standards in this area are rising. Many brands and companies employ in-house specialists in marketing departments, and the position of “Chief Influencer Officer” is becoming more and more common (hence the CIO era). On the other hand, the Influencers themselves definitely professionalize their activities, they approach conversations with customers much more seriously and in a more thoughtful way, creating price lists, guidelines related to cooperation with competitive brands, etc. Influencer has become a profession that has frameworks, rights, obligations, and increasingly clear rules under which it operates on the market and undertakes commercial cooperation.

User Generated Content is still alive

Another trend that we expect to evolve in the coming year is “user generated content”. Some people in the industry consider it a “standard”, but what will change is the form of content preparation and presentation. A good example illustrating these changes is the popular “unboxing”. For a moment it seemed that it would become a thing of the past and remain there forever – but it has returned and in a completely new version. Now each material from the “unboxing” series contains AMSR elements, such as sounds, rustles, and other types of treatments that attract consumers’ attention. The phrase “content is a king” is still valid, but its new quality and focus on multi-sensory are noteworthy.

Video is a king

Staying on the subject of the directions of development of the industry, it is worth mentioning that, in our opinion, we can look forward to further modifications in the area of video forms. “Video is a king” is constantly gaining new versions. We are currently seeing an increased popularity of video content, such as live broadcasts and webinars. This direction is confirmed by the changes observed in the growing popularity of TikTok and changes implemented, for example, by Instagram – promoting the Reals format and the possibility of publishing longer InstaStories.

Wirtualni Influencerzy hit czy kit?

The last trend worth observing, although its popularity is definitely greater in the world than in Poland, is the increase in the popularity of virtual influencers. These are characters that exist only and exclusively in the so-called virtual world, they have no prototypes or equivalents in the offline world, in real life. This is a trend that, in our opinion, has a chance to develop also in Poland. Today, popular virtual creators in the USA and Japan have already achieved success in the form of their first concerts and events. In the light of META’s declarations, which announced the rapid development of this reality, we can already see that these development plans will be implemented, but much slower than the original scenarios assumed. It’s definitely worth keeping a close eye on.


Matylda Szymalska
CEO Agencji Streetcom