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What is the most important thing that happened in the Influencer Marketing industry in 2022?

This is another year of professionalization of the industry in Poland.
This year, after many months of joint work within the IAB Influencer Marketing working group, in which Streetcom participated, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection published recommendations regarding the correct, clear and transparent marking of advertising cooperation by Influencers. This is a big positive change. We are already seeing changes resulting from these guidelines, which have a very positive impact on sponsored publications. Both clients and influencers pay great attention to the correctness of communication in order to be as fair as possible towards their recipients. The recipients themselves also respond positively to such signs and appreciate sincerity and authenticity.
As a Streetcom agency, we conduct workshops both for clients, in which we spread knowledge about good practices in the area of influencer marketing, and for the influencers themselves with whom we come into contact on a daily basis. This is an element that pays off at all stages of the campaign implementation.

Does NFT have a chance in Poland?

After its revolutionary entry at the beginning of the year thanks to publications about “buying an influencer’s love”, everyone was looking forward to the development and explosion of NTF in Poland. Unfortunately, the topic has become very quiet, especially in the influencer world. There was one high-profile campaign during the year and basically nothing else happened. In October/November 2022, there was even an image crisis provoked by the statements of Marti Renti, who tried to withdraw from her communication, apologizing to observers for deceiving them. In our opinion, the direction of NFTs is very unstable and difficult to judge in the context of the next year.

Long-term influencer cooperation

More and more brands choose an influencer or influencers for cyclical and long-term cooperation (non-ambassadorship). This results in a very positive reception among consumers and at the same time allows the brand to effectively build awareness among the target group. Mutual partnerships allow the brand and influencers to continue collaborating on many projects. This was the case with the Streetcom campaign with the TIER brand. As part of our activities, we invited the popular MakeLifeHarder channel to cooperate with us, with which we prepared cyclical activities that regularly appeared on the influencer’s profile every week. Thanks to such activities, observers remembered the brand much more strongly and it stayed in their minds. Additionally, there was natural communication from consumers, which MakelifeHarder published on its channels. Also after the campaign, we received a lot of positive feedback from observers who found the influencer’s constant, authentic communication great.

Aleksandra Rutkowska
Head of Influencer Marketing