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Several hundred successful campaigns!

Customers who keep coming back.

We professionally and effectively build long-term realationships between brands and customers. We use modern marketing tools, maintaining ethical standarts and caring for the individual needs of our clients.


The knowledge and experience gained since 2004 and the cooperation with the world’s biggest referral marketing companies allow us to offer professional brand activation programs based on consumer recommendations. We develop comprehensive strategies of effective reach to the consumer, using the latest marketing tools. Our activities include marketing research, preparation of communication, implementation of the campaign and evaluation of the effects.


Referral marketing is the fastest growing form of marketing. We are the first in Europe and the world’s second referral marketing agency. We have a unique base of almost 300,000 profiled consumers with a wide network of social contacts and a natural inclination to share their opinions about products. A unique value is a wide range of the most reliable online recommendations connected with an in-depth consumer research. The use of this new market tool allows to effectively achieve marketing goals.

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfaction of the client is the ultimate goal of our actions. We study and carefully analyse the needs of the clients. We prepare a strategy of operations for each of them, taking into consideration marketing goals, a character of the target group and a synergy with other brand communication channels. Trying to build long-term relationships with our clients, we do our best to provide the highest level of our products and client service quality.


Market development requires building consumer relationships with brands, based on honesty and trust. As a member of the Word of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA), we put the action ethics first. We care about the standards of fair dealing with our partners, clients and employees. As a part of the campaigns, we always train and inform the members of our community about the principles of ethical action. Willing to educate the market and promote good principles, we came up with an initiative to make the Word of Mouth Marketing Ethics Code of Conduct.