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Several hundred successful campaigns!

Customers who keep coming back.

We offer the Clients various kinds of research. We measure opinions, intentions and consumer barriers. We evaluate the coverage of a campaign. We have a unique Talk Track tool – the only one on the market brand and product opinion monitoring.

Streetcom Research offers its Clients different types of research within the campaigns. Research accompanying referral campaigns

A referral campaign gives a unique opportunity to test a product in a broad group of several thousand consumers. Selected ambassadors feel connected to the brand, so they are ready to spend a lot of time to come back with detailed and reliable feedback on a tested product. As a result, we obtain such information as a general assessment of a product and its individual attributes or the perception of price and the brand itself.

Campaign coverage evaluation a Streetcom campaign is also accompanied by research carried out in a group of friends reached by recommending Experts. In the course of the research, we verify: brand awareness, a remembered message of a referral talk, evaluation of a product, behaviour and purchase intentions.

Talk Track research – We offer a unique Talk Track tracking research – the only one on the market, monthly monitoring of opinions  about brands and products discussed by consumers in everyday conversations.  By Talk Track research, a Client is given an opportunity to measure real conversations on brands and evaluate the impact of critical incidents or PR crises on consumers’ negative recommendations.