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A Streetcom blogger has opportunities to familiarise themselves with new products and share their opinions with the blog readers. He or she knows more than others. They are the first to receive information about products.

Their blogs gain new interesting topics and arouse more interest among their readers. They are visited by the Streetcom community over 400,000 consumers and almost 100,000 fans in Facebook.

By participation in referral campaigns, a blogger has an opportunity to check the quality of products and share the knowledge with the readers. First of all, he or she can try the tested products or services for free. And be the first to know about novelties. Their opinions may also influence the development of the products.

We inform the whole community over 400,000 Streetcom Experts about the latest campaigns and the most interesting blog entries. The most engaged blogs and most interesting entries are presented in our website and in the Streetcom Facebook fan page.

Who are Bloggers in the Streetcom Blog Team? Bloggers in the Streetcom Blog Team are a group of people who write blogs on various topics in different places on the Internet. They are happy to test novelties and share information with their readers.

They have influence on other people’s opinions. They are aware of it and their intentions are honest. They want to participate in Streetcom campaigns to learn more and to share their opinions with readers of their blogs. They test the products received for free from Streetcom and write about their own impressions in the blogs. They are reliable and opinion-forming.

They voluntarily participate in referral marketing campaigns by Streetcom. If you do not accept a given brand, do not engage in the campaign. Get in touch with us if a product fails to meet your expectations or if you have any questions. Recommend products only when you know they are worth it.

You can share the received products with your family and friends or keep a part of them intended for organisation of competitions for your readers. The rules are clear and comprehensible. They are always set immediately before a campaign. The products are never intended to be sold.

What is Blog Team
Beginning of the camaign

You receive a package from us.

You will get from us a set of full value products and samples to be used in the contests for readers, as well as other interesting news and surprises. The products are always connected with the topic of your blog.

Try time

Time to know the products. First, you need to try and test the received product and see how it works. Does it prove useful in everyday life? Try it and think how to present your opinion in the blog if the product meets your expectations.

Recomendation time

A description of experiences from testing, recommendations!

Write in your blog about a tested product. If you have any questions or doubts, get in touch with us. Recommend, refer a product to your readers in your own style – the style of your blog. Say where you have the product from and what you think about it.

Time for the reader

You engage your blog’s users to play!

You can organise a contest for your readers. You will receive a package of additional products or samples to use them for this purpose. The contest will allow to activate your readers and will give them an opportunity to try a product and to play together.