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Blogger’s Code

Streetcom cares about the principles of fair conduct in referral campaigns.  We initiated the creation of the Mouth Marketing Ethics Code of Conduct.  We strive to build relationships based on trust and honesty. We care so that the Streetcom Blog Team community members behave in accordance with the principles of the Blogger’s Code.


A Blogger in the Streetcom Blog Team always admits to participating in a referral marketing campaign. Do not hide where you have the products from.


Describe the tested products freely and naturally. The most important is to always provide others with reliable information. We do not suggest how you should describe products in your blog. It depends on you.


We never pay for opinions. The basis of referral marketing is honesty. Therefore, get engaged in campaigns voluntarily. Think if you want to try and describe products of a given brand. You can cancel your participation in a campaign even after you have received a product and tested it. We do not want to mislead other people and risk to lose the trust of your readers and friends.

Awareness to affect others’ opinions

For many people, you are an important source of information about products and services. You are aware that what you publish includes information for others. Your opinions have influence on many people. Respect this possibility and be sure that you have familiarised yourself with a product as best as you could, before you start to describe it in your blog. We are open and ready to answer your questions. Pay attention to how people react to what you publish in your blog. After you have known a product and described it in your blog, answer the questions from your readers. Having tested a product, you become the most informed person. Share your knowledge with others.

Have a good time!

Participation in referral marketing campaigns makes sense only when you have fun. You will be the first to familiarise yourself with a product which is still unknown to others. You have an opportunity to comment on it. We want you to find participation in campaigns interesting and have fun of it. You can always count on us.