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I’m writing a blog, how to join the Streetcom community?

You can join the Streetcom community by filling in a questionnaire in the Registration tab of our website. When you are logging in for the first time, you should provide information about your blog.

What are the advantages of being a Streetcom Blogger?

A Streetcom Blogger has an opportunity to familiarise themselves with new products and share their opinions with the blog readers. He or she knows more than others. He or she is the first to receive information about products. Their opinions may influence the development of the products.

What is the Blog Team?

This is a group of people who write blogs on various topics in different places on the Internet and who are at the same time registered in Streetcom. Thus, they express their will to participate in referral campaigns carried out for the Streetcom Clients.

After how long time will I get products to test?

It depends on what campaigns we are carrying out. Each product is intended for a specific target group. The number of products for testing is limited, so we can offer testing them only to the selected people who meet the established criteria.

What if I do not like a product?

Participation in testing is voluntary. If you do not accept a given brand, do not engage in the campaign. Get in touch with us if a product fails to meet your expectations or if you have any questions. Recommend products only when you know they are worth it.

Can I test products with other people?

You can share the received products with your family and friends or keep a part of them intended for organisation of contests for your readers. We always set the rules with you immediately before a campaign. The products are never intended to be sold.

If I go abroad, can I still take part in campaigns?

Unfortunately, it is not possible, since we send ambassador packages only in the area of Hungary.

Is testing paid?

Participation in Streetcom campaigns is free. Experts and Bloggers are not charged for the products they receive and they themselves are not paid either.

How do you deliver products to test?

Products are delivered to the indicated address, usually by courier mail.