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Creams, electronic gadgets, goods for children or food – how can you check which products are the best on the market? How to spend your money well? The best way is to test products on your own or advice from a trusted friend.

We carry out referral marketing campaigns in which Experts selected from the community participate. We provide the right group of consumers with full value products together with testing samples for their friends.

Participants of a campaign send us their opinions about the products. Experts obtain only those products which suit them. This is why we ask a lot of questions and ask to fill in the questionnaires.

We do our best to choose a group of Experts so that they can become ambassadors of a tested brand, engage in a campaign and have great pleasure of it. We know from our Experts that testing products and sharing opinions about them with their friends is good fun, an inspiring or even exciting experience.

What is recommendations markering
Beginning of the camaign

You will receive from us a set of full value products, samples for friends and other surprises connected with an upcoming campaign. Every time, the set in the package is different – adjusted to the specifics of a campaign.

Try time

Time to test the products.

You have to test the received product – it is obvious! Check if it works, tastes good or proves useful in everyday life. Try it and develop your opinion whether brand’s promises comply with your expectations.

Recopmmendations time

If a product meets your expectations – recommend it!

Share with your friends the extensive knowledge you gain during a collective campaign. Discuss with your friends. Always tell them where you have a product from and how you became a Brand Ambassador. Write down you remarks in our database – preferably on an ongoing basis – emotions are really important!

Final of the campaign

Share with us your impressions in a form of a final Report.

Briefly describe your friends’ opinions about the received products. We care about knowing your opinion and the opinions of your friends. A completed report will be a precise summary of your experiences during a campaign.