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Have a good time!

Participation in referral marketing campaigns makes sense only when you have fun. You will be the first to familiarise yourself with a product which is still unknown to others. You have an opportunity to comment on it. We want you to find participation in campaigns interesting and have fun of it. You can always count on us.

Principles of the Expert’s Code

Streetcom cares about the principles of fair conduct in referral campaigns. We initiated the creation of the Mouth Marketing Ethics Code of Conduct. We strive to build relationships based on trust and honesty. We care so that Streetcom community members behave in accordance with the principles of the Expert’s Code.


A Streetcom Expert always admits to participating in a referral marketing campaign. Remember that you have been chosen a Streetcom Expert. You are an Expert whose opinion is respected by the world's biggest brands. We want you to be proud of it and say openly that you are associated with the referral marketing agency Streetcom, which enables you to test new products/services.


Be yourself and share only your honest opinions. The most important thing is to always provide reliable and honest information about a product. Imagine a promotion in the shop when you learn about a product. You hear only praises and the information about the product seems insincere and greatly exaggerated. Then, you very often ignore what you hear and forget the real message. Remember that the others may also react in this way when you are talking to them, so be natural. Do not impose yourself on others, do not spam by sending messages to people you do not know – remember that nobody likes it.

Be in touch

Get in touch with us and be always up to date with the newest actions. Be awake. Respond to invitations to new actions and quickly sign in to the campaigns you are interested in. Remember about the set dates for applications to the projects. Fill in reports to send us your opinion on a product and the talks you had about it. Keep us informed about all your observations. After all, you are our Expert – remember that your every opinion or observation is of great importance to us.


The basis of referral marketing is honesty. People are very sensitive to insincere messages and they notice them quickly. We do not want to mislead other people and risk to lose the trust of your friends. Only your honest opinion counts and this is how you should talk to your friends. If you do not like something, do not be afraid to talk about it.

Do not sell!

Talk naturally about the products, do not try to sell them. When you are talking to others about a product, do not be artificial, do not artificially overestimate it. We give in your hand a product to make you share with others your knowledge about it. Remember: we never encourage anybody to express dishonest opinions!


Take note of how people react to what you are saying. There are two sides in a conversation. It is not only you who has information to share.  It is very essential that you also listen to what your interlocutors have to say. Thanks to it, you will get their respect. You will be a better informed, more competent Streetcom Expert.