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We are a unique community almost 400,000 consumers who actively talk about brands and products on the Internet and in the real world.

Streetcom Experts are consumers who like to test products and express their opinions about them.  Each of them recommends products to their friends. We know our Experts very well – they answer a lot of questions and questionnaires.

This is why they receive only those products which they are interested in. We are the first in Europe consumer referral marketing agency. We have experience and knowledge, and the right tools. We know how to connect consumers and producers. We like doing it. We give our Experts the pleasure to test only good products.

Streetcom Experts are bound by a code whose main principles include, among others, openness, naturalness and honesty of expressed opinions.

Maybe you want to join our community, too?

You are a consumer, just like all of us. Do you like to test products, be the first to know about them and talk to your friends about what you like? Be sure to register and fill in the questionnaires so that we can choose perfect campaigns in which you will be able to take part with satisfaction.