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Several hundred successful campaigns!

Customers who keep coming back.

The community of Streetcom Experts has currently almost 300,000 consumers from the Central and Eastern Europe. They are still in touch with the agency. They are ready to test products and express their opinion about them.

They like to advise others, so they recommend a product to their friends. By their participation in the campaigns, Streetcom Experts know in advance what is going to appear on the market and they have an opportunity to test new products.

They are also provided with detailed information about a product and some additional advice or curiosities. A conversation about new products is something natural to them. They feel they are members of a unique community. They agree with the principles of referral marketing, which include providing free and reliable information about brands to people in their immediate environment. The opinions provided by Experts to the agency are a valuable source of consumer research.

Streetcom Experts are not paid for their participation in referral marketing campaigns. They enjoy the opportunity to test the products they obtain. They receive only the products which they are interested in. They recommend them on a voluntary basis and with a genuine conviction. They are invited to campaigns on the basis of specially designed recruitment questionnaires. The selection of people taking part in a given referral marketing campaign is carried out on the basis of a given product consumer’s profile. All the data is legally protected and processed anonymously.

Over 70% of Streetcom Experts are women. They most often decide on purchases, like testing and being the first to become acquainted with novelties. They talk about what is good; they recommend to their friends and relatives. Attentive modern parents, caring for their family’s health and safety, most willingly test children care cosmetics, food, toys. Whereas men most like to be the first to evaluate technology news, alcoholic beverages, gadgets or cars.